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Massage Therapists

If you're like me when its time to renew your license and add more CEs per the state requirement. You want to add value to your business practice and add value for your clients wellbeing. 

I found a perfect addition to any massage therapy practice, Bowsage Therapy. Combining the benefits of massage together with the Bowen technique to reset your clients nervous system to accept the benefits of any healing practice. 


One awesome benefit for you is that this is an easy to learn and easy on your body technique. Unlike say, deep tissue, these are a series of hand movements along meridians that do not require increase arm or hand strength. Making it an ideal adjunct to  your regular massage practice, reducing strain.


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Classes throughout NC, SC, GA & Florida 

Bowsage Therapy  for
Continuing Education hours

16 CEs 
Normally $350


Schedule a class in your area!
Minimum 4 participants
Contact Michelle Lally at 704-929-9757

About Us

Michelle Lally, Instructor for Bowsage Therapy, Approved 16 CEs  NCBTMB, GA

"Hi, welcome to Bowsage Therapy for continuing education for massage therapists. I'm thrilled to show you more about this fantastic tools for you to add to your massage thearpy practice. It's easy to learn and easy on your body and so powerful for your clients. Please don't hesitate to call me with questions 704-929-9757"

About Us

Lally Massage & Bowsage Therapy has been serving the Mooresville & Lake Norman community since 2008. Michelle Lally, owner and therapeutic massage therapist, has over 10+ years of extensive massage experience. She is licensed by and certified in Bowsage Therapy* as an instructor to teach licensed therapists for on-going CE's, or to individuals looking to keep their family healthy utilizing this powerful tool. She is also a certified Bowen Therapist and Aromatherapist. In addition other therapeutic offerings are Reiki, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Chakra Balancing and other massage techniques. She now offers another CE class in Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils.

"My clients return to me because they value the quality of massage they receive. I offer therapeutic bodywork using a combination of energy, intuition, bowsage therapy and massage techniques. Individually personalized treatments mean, your body will get the professional experience that is right for you, I will help you with the healing process and maintain a healthy lifestyle."  ~Michelle Lally

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

joni and jean.jpg

Joni Stone & Mom, 97

I've been blessed to know Michielle for 8 years. She is knowledgeable and intuitive to my needs. 

Mom and I both have loved her Bowen sessions. Mom used to complain about arthritis in her shoulder, but not since she started bowen. For me, its a wonderful reset, I feel refreshed, relaxed and balanced.  


Michelle talks to Donna about her Bowen experience.


Lea Lally

Mom was great throughout my whole pregnancy. She knew which therapy I needed. Bowen was always an option and really helped me have an easy pregnancy.

What is Bowen

 by Dr. Manon Bolliger

Bowen therapy is a very gentle, yet powerful technique that is easy to perform and is getting amazing results in 85% of the people that try it.


Bowen is done in using mainly your Fingers & Thumbs, over the Belly of the muscle creating a reflex reaction. This technique affects the fascia, muscle tendons, nervous system and meridians throughout the body. The series of movements assists in reprogramming the pain memory loops caused by the fight or flight response and long-term chronic pain. The Bowen System can act as a reflex reaction within the body that can reset the nervous system to rest, relax and release healing hormones. 


 Click reboot image below
for a 20 min presentation.
From the Bowen College in Canada
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Sign up for this
"Basic Bowen Introduction"
Online Workshop for 20 CEs
and get a LIVE Hands-on
training for  8CEs FREE!!!*
*Location in Statesville, NC only

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