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Why I Teach Bowen & More Testimonials

One of my clients told me about Bowen therapy in 2012, she had fallen and broke her tail bone. She was in a lot of pain for several weeks. Then she was recommended to try Bowen Therapy and connected with Dr. Mitchell Mosher.  After one session she was remarkably better! Only a few more visits after that her issue had been completely healed.

This impressed me and wanted to learn more. Dr. Mitchell was offering workshops on this method. I took his course, I studied, and practiced. To my utter delight my clients saw amazing results, time after time, month after month.

After discovering this amazing therapeutic process, I was surprised at how many other therapists had never heard of the Bowen Technique. It was not a hard decision to start teaching it along side Dr. Mosher.

Since then I have taught hundreds of therapists. Today when I hear how many people are getting the same results I did with their Bowen practice and the number of people they are helping only drives me to reach other massage therapists and introduce them to Bowen. The more who learn, the  more we can help. 

Why learn Bowen?

  • You get immediate, measurable results with Bowen Therapy

  • Clients are happier and healthier with the gentleness of Bowen Treatments.

  • Massage therapists who take my course are also seeing great results with their clients too. 

  • My Bowsage Therapy 16CE Course is making an impact on as many people as I can by teaching to others that they may share the results I see. 

  • I am committed to the Bowen technique and convinced that every massage therapist should learn how to do Bowen Therapy. This is a great tool to add to your practice.


Joni Stone & Mom, 97
I've been blessed to know Michelle for 8 years. She is knowledgeable and intuitive to my needs.  Mom and I both have loved her Bowen sessions. Mom used to complain about arthritis in her shoulder, but not since she started Bowen. For me, its a wonderful reset, I feel refreshed, relaxed and balanced.


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