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Bowsage Therapy 
Live Approved NCBTMB,GA,SC,Fl

Bowen therapy is a very gentle, yet powerful technique that is easy to perform and is getting amazing results in 85% of the people that try it.


Bowen is done in using mainly your Fingers & Thumbs, over the Belly of the muscle creating a reflex reaction. This technique affects the fascia, muscle tendons, nervous system and meridians throughout the body. The series of movements assists in reprogramming the pain memory loops caused by the fight or flight response and long-term chronic pain. The Bowen System can act as a reflex reaction within the body that can reset the nervous system to rest, relax and release healing hormones. 


This process can be done with the client’s clothes on or off and is helpful for all ages. The Bowen Reset can be done by itself or combined with other massage techniques.


In my practice, using only the Bowen System, I have seen significant results with my clients. Some issues that have responded well to this process are:

  • long time chronic issues, physical and emotional trauma  

  • TMJ 

  • neck pain 

  • shoulder pain 

  • tennis elbow 

  • carpal tunnel 

  • digestive issues 

  • lower back, 

  • sciatic and

  • knee pain 


As noted in the Bureau of Labor Statistics,(2) Massage Therapists and Bodywork Practitioners can succumb to various repetitive motion and fatigue work-related injuries due to the physically demanding nature of giving massages, including carpal tunnel syndrome and lower back pain.


Because Bowen and Bowsage is so gentle and easy to do, it can reduce the risk of work related injuries and allow you to continue your massage practice longer. In addition, the rest periods between Bowen movements will allow you to be able to treat more than one person, at the same time for example as a couples massage or in group clinic setting. That means you can earn more money by treating more people at the same time. 


The good news: Less wear and tear on the therapist, earning more in less time and helping more people. 


I teach Bowen Therapy because of all these reasons and believe every massage therapist and body worker should have this process on their list of techniques and services.


My name is Michelle Lally, I teach a basic full body Bowen Therapy protocol for continuing education hours, approved by the NCBTMB, and CE Broker for GA, SC and Florida. 


Clients have seen significant results and you’ll love how elegant and powerful this unique modality really is.
Therapists have been known to see and feel a chemical change in the muscle fibers immediately during and after each bowen session. 
• Receive 16 CE’s towards your continuing education for massage therapy
• ROI in less than 30 days. 
• Learn the basic Bowen Therapy complete body routine
• Learn how to combine the Bowen with your massage techniques.
• See immediate and significant results for your clients
• Grow your client base by introducing this new technique that takes less time than a 60-minute massage
• Use less effort and reduce strain on your hands, arms and legs – with excellent results for your client
• I will provide the routine booklet for you to take home and write notes on.
Day one, learn about meridians and the Bowen history as well as start learning the basic routine.
Day two practice, practice practice, the more you do the Bowen moves the more you understand and begin to memorize the sequence. We will go over everything and answer questions at the end of the class..
What to Bring: Soft clothing [yoga pants/pajama pants, t-shirt or similar material], a face cover for your personal use. A massage table if your local. 
NCBTMB Continuing Education Approved Provider #1189
Call to host a class in your area or join us for one of the scheduled offerings below*. 
Lodging provided for a small fee in Statesville at our retreat, this is a first come first serve basis and space is limited. Let us know if you need a place to stay 1 or 2 nights 


Or text/call 

Call Michelle Lally, Certified Instructor of
Bowsage Therapy at 704-929-9757

Click on CE Class Link to join us

Bowsage Therapy

2 - 8 hour days $325.00-$375.00

Address provided on registration. 

Advanced Bowsage 8 CE
Must have Bowen experience to take this class
Advanced Bowsage 8 CE -No
 Bowen experience needed to take this class
Click here for Schedule 
Please watch this brief video on how Bowsage Therapy works.
Bowsage Therapy speaks for itself...
Here's what clients are saying:

"I am a fifteen year old who experiences joint and hip pains. I have recently started going to Michelle Lally where she used the Bowsage Therapy Technique. After the treatments the pain massively decreases and doesn't come back for awhile. I was very pleased with the results of Michelle Lally's Massages." Taylor 


"Michelle, I have had back and leg issues for years, at one time requiring surgery because cartilage was pressing into my spine.  That helped but I still had leg, back and glut pain constantly.  Finally I found Michelle Lally and has the three session Bowsage treatment.  Since then I’ve been able to work in my garden and play with my dog and daughter.  I expect to return for occasional tune-up treatment but I’m pleased to say this has completely eliminated my pain and was infinitely better than surgery!"  Jeff

"I started coming to you a year ago for my first massage at the age of 79. Since you have been working on my I have felt better and stronger, I had sever Lordosis and was very hunched over. Since you started the Bowsage treatment I have noticed a significant change in my hunched back, neck and shoulders. My kids have also noticed the improvement with my posture. Thank you for making me feel so much better."

Special Guest Teacher for Advanced Bowen
4 Day Bowen Healing Accelerator with Dr Manon Bolliger from the Bowen College Canada
Click here to register and pricing
Watch this Video to meet Dr. Bolliger
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