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Aromatherapy LKN
Michelle Lally Certified, Aromatherapist 
Certified Aroma Acu-Therapy™ Therapist 

Aroma Acu-Therapy™ with a recent influx of studies being published  demonstrating how effective Aroma Acu-Therapy is, this self-care modality has gained recent popularity. This practice is based on Chinese medical theory which has been employed for thousands of years. There are specific energetic associations of botanicals and their ability to stimulate, direct, and activate Qi.
Michelle is now a Certified Aroma Acu-Therapist and has self-care kits available for you to purchase which includes an in-depth assessment, consultation and step-by-step wellness protocol to follow.

Aroma Acu-Sticks Therapy™

Kits and Sticks now available, Free Shipping


Essential Oils

You don't have to spend the family fortune for high quality, all natural local sourced Essential Oils.
Prices include tax and shipping.  

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