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These are out of stock right now-we are update our Kits- message me if you need to order now!

This convenient, time saving solid Aroma Acu-stick® roll-up contains pure essential oils that activate acupuncture-acupressure points along the Spleen and Stomach Meridians. Apply the Earth Element stick to appropriate acupressure points listed below to initiate physical and emotional balancing. Use this natural self-care remedy with or without pressure on acupuncture points to invoke this ancient healing method. Many of the points along the Spleen and Stomach Channel address digestive issues. Apply to acu-points above, below, and at the site of trauma for pain relief that has occurred along the Stomach or Spleen Channels. Contains pure essential oils intended to balance emotions related to the Earth Element such as worry, overthinking, and lack of empathy. 

Directions for Use: Apply to indicated points 1-3x per day.


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Aroma Acu-Sticks EARTH

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