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Have you ever wondered how to choose the correct oils for the Chakra work you offer in your practice? What is right one time might be different the next time, when and how do you decide? 
My name is Michelle Lally, a certified Aromatherapist and have been teaching Chakra's for years. I have incorporated enough information to include some oil suggestions. 

You will learn how to decide from all the choices for each Chakra what might be best. What part of the plant do the oils come from? Why does that matter? 

Requirements: Basic knowledge of Chakra's this class is more about the essential oil choices, we will cover a little about each Chakra but not in depth. 

This is a essential oils class hands on and informational. You will leave with enough confidence to be able to choose your own oils. 

I will have some Chakra sets available to purchase for $60 but it is not required. 

Please be aware we will be working with essential oils so if your sensitive to smells this my not be a class for you. 

Dress: Loose fitting clothes I will provide tables and sheets and oil samples to use in class. 

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8 CEU EO for chakra work
8 CEU $150 EO for chakra work
Early registration more than 10 days before class date.
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Sept 3rd 2017-Sunday

9am - 5pm 

Statesville NC 

Sept 10th 2017- Sunday

9am - 5pm

Statesville NC

Oct 22nd- Sunday 

9am - 5pm

Statesville NC 

Need a class in your neighborhood? Get 4 or more together and we can travel to you.

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