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Live as If

What is the one thing I could teach another massage therapist that could improve their practice?

The answer is simple/

“Live as if.”

What does “Live as if” stand for?

It means that we create the life, the business and the customers we dream of having. Live as if your goals are already met. Whether it means that you are the most compassionate massage therapist offering care to those who can’t afford it, or most successful with other therapists working for you, or you’re the most educated body-worker in your community. Whatever your personal and professional goals are, live as if they have already come true.

We hear people say “I don't have time to get a massage” or “I don’t have time to take another class.” Yet too often these are health industry professionals who want to attract the kind of person, client or patient that sees the value of self-care. Make a choice to be the person you want to attract to your life, personal or professional. Surround yourself with a community of people who do the same.

For example, I receive a weekly massage, from a therapist who also receives massage, or in other ways takes care of themselves. They believe as I do that it is the most important thing they can do, in addition to other self-care therapies and healthy living regimens. So, I attract customers who also believe in self-care practices.

Ten things to be mindful of

  1. 10 swallows of water!most people put a cup to the mouth and maybe swallow 3 or 4 times, stop and take 10 swallows (of water) each time you put a cup to your lips. 

  2. 10 Breaths ~breathe in and out ten times don't stop

  3. 10 min Stretch as often as you can each day for at least

  4. 10 min Meditation that all it take think of something your grateful for, you can compassion for, you feel love for 

  5. 10 Affirmations~ just ask google/siri/alexa to tell you 10 if you can't think of any. 

  6. 10 min of walking ~in place counts too, make sure you swing your arms

  7. 10 min of smiling ~at your self in the mirror, your dog, a stranger what ever works...

  8. 10 min of feet on the ground (no shoes)

  9. 10 acts of kindness (that can mean throwing a love/peace hand sign instead of what you really wanted to

  10. 10 min call a friend you have not spoke to, or relative

When I look back on my success as a Bowen Therapy Instructor, Massage Therapist and Retreat Owner, I can attribute it to learning one simple tool:

Live as if! 

I have had my own Wellness Center, working with other healthy lifestyle professionals who believe as I do about quality of care for themselves, their family and their community. I attract clients who are seeking a healthy lifestyle and also give back to their community through donations, gift cards or reduced rates for the elderly.

My massage career started at 42, now I'm 60, have two adult children, grandchildren, a loving partner, perfect home/retreat, a successful business and I practice self-care daily. My key to a happy, healthy and abundant lifestyle?

I live as if!

Published in 2018 Massage Magazine

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