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These are out of stock right now-we are update our Kits- message me if you need to order now!

This convenient, time-save solid Aroma Acu-stick® roll-up contains pure essential oils that activate acupuncture acupressure points on the Liver and Gallbladder Meridians. Apply to the acupressure points listed below to initiate emotional and physical healing. Pure essential oils work to alleviate emotional constraints leading to depression, anger and frustration as well as physical maladies associated with the Wood Element imbalances according to Chinese medicine such as menstrual disorders and poor sleep patterns. Use points above, below, and at the site of pain for relief. Acupressure sticks are able to activate the points with or without pressure applied

Directions: apply 1-3x per day.


Includes Shipping

Aroma Acu-Sticks WOOD

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