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These are out of stock right now-we are update our Kits- message me if you need to order now!

The essential oils in this handy, time-saving Aroma Acu-stick® roll-up solid activates acupuncture-acupressure points on the Lung Channel and the Large Intestine Meridians listed below. It can be applied with or without pressure for effective self care that initiate emotional and physical balancing. Many of the points along both Channels help to normalize the respiratory system including the sinuses. Addresses issues associated with Metal Element Imbalances including unresolved grief and sadness, lack of spiritual connection or growth, digestive issues, poor personal boundaries, and low self-worth. This remedy can be used on, above, or below areas of pain or trauma on acupuncture points on the Lung and Large Intestine Channels for pain relief.

Directions for Use: Apply 1-3x per day to indicated acupressure points.


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Aroma Acu-Sticks METAL

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