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This solid Aroma Acu-stick® roll-up activates acupuncture-acupressure points that initiate emotional centering and help to calm the mind. An example: acupressure points Pericardium 6 and acupressure point San Jiao 5 are combined to connect a smooth flow of energy with our inner Spirit to the reality of the outer world. In Chinese medicine man is the manifestation "between Heaven and Earth" and we were meant to maintain a connection to both realms. The essential oils included allow for one to stay firmly rooted in Earth with the mind opening to spiritual awareness. It is not surprising that so many of these rarefied pure essential oils were mentioned in the Bible and Ayurvedic spiritual texts. More appropriate points to enhance meditation practices are listed below.

Directions: apply 10-15 minutes before beginning meditation.


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Aroma Acu-Sticks MEDITATION

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