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These are out of stock right now-we are update our Kits- message me if you need to order now!

This handy roll-up solid Aroma Acu-stick® contains essential oils that activate acupressure-acupuncture points used to ease head pain. Apply to acupressure points such as the temple area, forehead, eyebrows, base of skull, anywhere there is pressure and head pain to activate point and initiate physical balancing. In Chinese medicine head pain is often due to "Liver Yang Rising" through the Gallbladder (GB) acupuncture channel and the associated Acu-Sticks® to the points listed below would also be applied to clear blocks of the GB channel allowing for the smooth flow of Qi and alleviation of pain.

Directions: apply 1-3 per day.


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Aroma Acu-Sticks HEAD-EASE

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